Potty Breaks

When your at work, your dog is patiently waiting for you at home. He misses you, but he really needs to go out. You don’t want to come home to a mess, and don’t want your dog to be in distress. We can help. We’ll stop by and let him out to do his business. We will also give fresh water if preferred.


dogs outside


Only $12.50/ visit.

A note for Pet Sitting Customers

Potty Break’s can be used with Pet Sitting Visits, but not instead of Pet Sitting Visits. When on vacation, you must have at least 2 Pet Sitting Visits scheduled per day to use a potty break. Example, You have a Pet Sitting Visit scheduled for 8am, 5pm and 10pm. You may have a potty break at 2pm just to let your dog out.

Meet & Greet

Prior to any pet care services, we will do a Meet & Greet in-home consultation. This allows us to get to know your pets, go over the care they will need, and answer any of your questions about our services. The fee for this consultation is $20, due at the time of consult. Should you use our services, that $20 will be a credit on your first invoice.

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