Dog Walking

Dogs become aggressive out of frustration and dominance. The frustration comes from a lack of exercise, and the dominance comes from a lack of calm-assertive leadership.

---Cesar Millan, Dog Whisperer

Some people find it very hard to walk your dog on a regular schedule. Dogs that are not exercised become stressful and  have an excessive amount of energy that can lead to destructive or aggressive behavior.

Physical activity burns the dog’s excess energy and helps maintain his healthy state of mind. This is important because, in order to talk to the mind, you need to remove the energy from the body. Professional Dog Behavior Specialist Cesar Millian recommends daily walks of at least 30 minutes in length 2 times a day.

Does your dog chew things when your gone? Feel guilty that he is crated all day? We can help you make your dog a healthy one. Both physically and mentally. With our Dog Walking Service, we will come to your home and provide those all important 30 minute walks. 15 minute walks are available for toy and elderly dogs. Our walks are fast paced to provide exercise, not just a stroll. You do not need to be home for us to walk your dog.


One or Two Dogs

( Able to be Walked at the Same Time)

30 min


15 min

$12 /walk